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Infinicyt™ Troubleshooting 2.0

If you do not find the answer to your problem please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our product specialist team will assist you as soon as possible.

Error installing Infinicyt™: "Windows error 216 occurred while loading the JAVA VM"

This error appears when users install a 64-bit Infinicyt™ version on a 32-bit operating system. Infinicyt™ version 2.0 is only compatible with 64-bit operating systems.
Install Infinicyt™ on a compatible operating system. Please consult your system properties to find out what is the operating system running in your computer.

Antivirus detected Infinicyt™ as a virus when installing

This occurs when installing Infinicyt™ in computers antivirus programs such as Panda, AVG, Kaspersky or Avast.
Select the option “Allow to run” in the window that informs that malware has been detected. An antivirus exception will be created and Infinicyt will no longer be detected as a virus. Alternatively, update the antivirus program and try again.

Infinicyt™ doesn’t initiate: "Error occurred while attempting to find Java class"

This occurs when the security mechanisms drivers required to run Infinicyt™ are not installed or were not correctly installed.
Re-install Infinicyt™. The drivers will be updated after a correct installation and Infinicyt™ will be able to run.

Infinicyt™ doesn’t initiate: "Error while creating JVM, not enough memory"

This occurs when there is not enough RAM (minimum 256 MB) to run Infinicyt™. The software detects automatically the available memory.
Close other applications or expand the RAM in your computer.

3D Diagrams do not open or performance is slow

This occurs when your computer graphics card is not compatible with the software (OpenGL 1.3 or later or with DirectX 9.0 should be used).
Update the graphics card driver to the last version and run the program again. Alternatively, change the 3D configuration of the graphics card until you find the appropriate settings.

Error installing Infinicyt™: "Please select another location to extract the installer to"

This occurs when the installation setup is corrupted probably due to an error during the download process.
Download the installation setup again and install the software.

Infinicyt™ cannot print report

This occurs when the opacity has been changed in the diagrams added to the report and some printers do not detect it.
Export the report to a PDF file and send it to the printer.

Error when logging off Infinicyt: “Profile was partially saved. The following parts of the profile could not be saved: …”

This comes because users do not have permissions to write in the documents and settings (necessary to run Infinicyt). We store there some configurations of the software and each user should have a different folder so that the configurations of one user do not overwrite the ones of another.
Select Properties on Infinicyt desktop icon right-click menu, and edit the “Target” option to modify to a directory that you have permissions to write on.
For example write: user.home=”C:\My path” and the software will create the required folder.

User Home

Supplemental font installations

If the Population Tree and the Report are not visualized in the selected language after applying the Automated Gating and Identification process, please close Infinicyt™ and install the corresponding Language Supplemental Font from: Windows Start button > Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Manage optional features > Add a feature > (Language) Supplemental Fonts > Install.
A Restart is required to complete the process.

Supplemental Fonts

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