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Infinicyt™ versions

Infinicyt™ 2.0

Infinicyt™ 2.0.3.a 000


• It is not possible to add a keyword with a virtual parameter. (TR 13852)
Remove virtual parameters from the profile.

• The legends of the columns in the 'Alerts' window are not displayed correctly because they do not fit in the cell. (TR 20651)
Resize the columns manually.

Analysis Strategy

• Strategies are not correctly applied to reescalated files. (TR 19472)
Enter in the review mode, modify the gates and save the changes perfomed.

Auto Recover

• The configuration of the option 'Remove the recovered files' is not maintained. (TR 12487)
Check the option again.

• The 'Save Auto-recover file' checkbox is deselected when the 'Remove the recovered files' checkbox is selected in the auto-recovery information window. (TR 15339)
Select the checkbox again.

• When double-clicking on a compatible file or dragging it over the Infinicyt icon, the auto-recovery window is displayed and should not. (TR 12666)
Close the auto-recovery window manually.

Automated Gating and Identification

• A checkbox of a population is displayed disabled in the Load Database window when it should not. (TR 20407)
Select another population and the checkbox will be displayed correctly.

• An internal error occurs when cutting and pasting a cluster after assigning events from that cluster to another population. (TR 15889)
Assign the events and then create a population with the name of the cluster.

• Changing the order of the files from the 'Databases' window does not work. (TR 15206)
Change the order of the files from Add / Remove File.

• Infinicyt generates exceptions when opening two .cyt files with equal parameters at the same time and having an AG&I process executed. (TR 21304)
Upload the files one by one.

• Lagging issues detected when starting the Infinicyt application as a consequence of the last profile used by the application. Detected for profiles of Infinicyt databases. (TR 21268)
Remove the database profile before closing Infinicyt.

• The changes performed in the profile after an AG&I may not be applied to dotplot diagrams. (TR 15980)
Resize the diagrams.

• The Copy Data option is not displayed in the alerts window. (TR 15317)
Press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

• The correct loading bar does not appear when the AG&I process is executed again after clicking on the Yes button of the following warning: 'This file was analyzed using a Database version that is different to the version installed on your computer. Do you want to run the “AG&I” process again using the current Database? No additional Database Accesses will be used.' (TR 18231)
Run the AG&I from: Databases > Load Database.

• The correct tab is not opened when double clicking on the keyword of the version used to perform the AG&I process. (TR 19745)
Select the Analysis Data tab.

• The format of the automatic report's header is not maintained when working with old and new Infinicyt versions. (TR 20799)
In the .cyt file where the header is configured, it is mandatory to save the profile as a user from Profile > Save Profile. Then perform an AG&I process using the profile of the desired header to be added to the report. Go to Profile > Settings > Profile Manager Tab > Context Menu > Add Profiles > Load the profile. Select the second tab on the right side where "header" is displayed. Make sure it is selected and drag it to the Current Profile. The header will be added to the AG&I. Finally, save it as predefined.

• The report is not refreshed when changing the patient's age. (TR 17817)
Close the report and reopen it.

• The warning to update alerts appears when there are no alerts in the .cyt file. (TR 20897)
Do not update alerts.

• When changing files using the Add/Remove file option, data associated with the AG&I database are lost in the report. (Infinicyt maintains the AG&I configuration of the first files loaded). (TR 16735)
Save a .cyt, close the program and reopen the .cyt.

• When performing an AG&I process using the ALOT database and assigning a population from the revision mode, the events are not included in the selected population. (TR 21476)
Assign the events again.

• An internal error occurs when performing an AG&I process using the LST database and a multitube file. (TR 21908)
Perform an AG&I process for each file individually.

• If the user performs an AG&I process in any language except English and assigns events to the Abnormal population in order to display the Compass diagram with the ALOT BM database, some events remain in the Other Abnormal Precursors population. (TR 22707)
Use the database in English.

Automated Report

• The frequency column in the report does not display the alignment set. (TR 15425)
Change the alignment manually.

• When opening an analyzed file without databases, keyword comments are lost. (TR 22395)
Open the analyzed file with the databases enabled.

• If the user opens an analyzed file, perfoms an action, then undoes it and opens the report, the watermark is not displayed. (TR 22198)
Open the analyzed file again.


• The files in Batch Analysis are exported in a different way than in Analysis due to the Compensation. (TR 17284)
Select the 'Include Compensation in Data' checkbox in the Advanced tab.

• The name of the Batch elements in the previewdoes not match with the final name of the generated files. (TR 8794)
Rename the file generated with Batch.

Batch Export

• When working in Batch Analysis module, if the user selects two different steps with default and custom options, the files are not exported with the correct name. (TR 11197)
Apply it to two different Batch estrategies or change the name manually.

Batch Report

• When the 'Use own report when processing .cyt files' checkbox is selected in the Export Report tab of the Batch Analysis module, the report's preview disappears and the that area is displayed in gray. (TR 8133)
Click on any other tab such as 'Export File' or 'Export Statistics'.

Calculate Data

• It is not possible to change the size of the side panel in'Gate and Classify Events' and 'Verify and Save Results' steps in the 'Calculate Data' window. (TR 8691)
Go to a different step (previous or later), resize the panel and return to the desired step.

• The checkbox of 'The selected populations were unequivocally identified' cannot be selected if the columns of the 'Calculate Data' table are rearranged from Analysis. (TR 10382)
Reorder the columns and place 'Calculate Data' first.

• The status of the 'Next' button in the 'Choose Populations to Calculate' step of the 'Calculate Data' module is not updated correctly. (TR 10163)
Mouse over the checkbox of 'The selected populations were unequivocally identified.'

• In the 'Calculate Data' guided module when the user adds files in the 'Gate and Classify Events' step, goes back to the previous step, and then returns again to the 'Gate and Classify Events' step, the added files do not disappear. (TR 14156)
Add or remove the file manually.


• The 'Check Parameters' window appears twice when a classification panel database is applied to a rescaled file. (TR 19494)
Accept both windows.

• The global configuration of the number of displayed events does not apply to the compass comparatives. (TR 14903)
Change the number of events manually for those comparatives.

• When undoing the change in the visible population of the compass diagram, if there was a gate on a comparative, it is not drawn again. (TR 7970)
Undo twice and redo.

Compass ALOT

• An internal error occurs in the report when the compass diagram is loaded and copied from a user database and then the ALOT compass diagram is loaded. (TR 16969)
Delete the compass component and add the new compass diagram.

Compass Edition

• Infinicyt prompts the user to save the databases when closing the 'Database Manager' window after having saved the database previously. (TR 7174)
Click on the 'No' button of the message.

• It is not possible to drag and drop multiple cases from one group to another when working with the database edit mode. (TR 12054)
Drag and drop the cases one by one.

• The 'Add Cases' context menu of the 'Comparison Diagram' tab in the Database Manager is not closed when clicking on another part of the window. (TR 11078)
Click on 'Add cases' and close the file selector.

• When deactivate and activate the visibility of groups and cases in the 'Database Manager', the statistics do not update correctly. (TR 8693)
Activate the checkbox of a group case to update it.

• When overwriting a database that just have been exported from the database edit mode, Infinicyt generates errors. (TR 11072)
Do not overwrite the database, save it with another name.

• When working with the 'Database Manager' and adding a new case to the database using drag and drop, the new case maintains its gray color in dotplots but it should change to the color of its new group. (TR 8240)
Deactivate and activate the visibility of the new case.


• It is not possible to see a window if there is a configuration window in front of it. (TR 7586)
Move the configuration window that is obstructing the other window to an area where the window can be displayed.

• The compensation of spreadsheet files is not maintained when adding files to the analysis. (TR 19639)
Change the compensation matrix again.

• The compensation window is too wide. (TR 8158)
Adjust manually the size to make the window narrower.

• The preview of diagrams with multitube files fails while the compensation and the visibility of the tubes arechanged in the compensation window. (TR 20922)
- Click on the 'OK' button and open the compensation window again.
- Change the size of the diagram if the compensation window does not work after clicking on the 'OK' button.

• The user should not be allowed to remove compensations using the 'Del' key from the compensation selection in the 'Current Compensation' setting in the profile configuration. (TR 8518)
The compensations are removed from the 'Stored Compensation' panel.

• When merging a compensable and a non-compensable file, you can modify the compensation of the non-compensable file if the compensable file is placed in the first position. (TR 15125)
When merging files, put the file with non-editable compensation first.

Database Accesses

• Once an age has been selected in the Databases window, the age-field cannot be empty again. (TR 16439)
Close the Databases window and enter again.

• The number of accesses in the Databases window is not updated after changing the dongle and returning to the original one. (TR 15611)
Close the Databases window and open it again.

Databases Compass Create

• When a database is created using a file that does not have the SSC parameter, the load of the database is not performed correctly. (TR 10358)
Create the database with the SSC parameter and then remove it through the edit mode.

Databases Create

• Database diagrams that have been removed by the user when undoing a second database load are not retrieved. (TR 18946)
Open the diagrams again.

• It is not possible to export several databases at the same time. (TR 16894)
Export one by one.

• The populations are not reduced after being added to a user database. (TR 17551)
Export the population of interest with a reduced size before adding it to the database.

• When hovering over a selected database, the corresponding tooltip is not displayed. (TR 12817)
1. Select another database and return to that one to see the tooltip.
2. Mouse over another database and then over the selected database.

Diagrams 2D

• The Parameter Band diagram disappears if a file with less parameters than the previous one is opened. (TR 8576)
Create the diagram again.

Diagrams 3D

• A message is not displayed when the diagram number 31 is pasted. (TR 8754)
- When duplicating (Ctrl+L), this message appears.
- When opening a new 3D diagram (Ctrl+D), this message appears.

• Sometimes, 3D diagrams are displayed in black for a few seconds while they are refreshing. (TR 9766)
Wait until diagram repaints. If the time is to long, close all 3D diagrams

• If the user tries to move a gate drawn in a 2D diagram using the arrow keysand there is also a 3D diagram , the 3D diagram will be moved instead of the gate of the 2D diagram. (TR 22219)
Move the gate using the mouse.

Diagrams APS

• In APS diagramas, the size of the columns is reduced when changing the global configuration to local. (TR 13965)
Resize manually.

• Refreshment problem in the APS diagram when changing visibilities and assigning events after drawing a gate. (TR 15005)
Remove the last gate and remove and set the visibility.

• When a gate in an APS diagram is deleted, the warning 'APS is supervised using population without events' is not displayed. (TR 13632)
Do not work with gates in APS diagrams.

• When drawing a gate in an APS diagram without events, the Supervised mode is automatically activated. (TR 8522)
When deleting the gate, the Supervised mode is automatically unloaded.

• When drawing a gate on any diagram and then remove all visibility, there is nothing displayed in the APS diagram. (TR 19757)
Assign the desired gate to any population and then remove it if it is no longer necesary.

• When having an APS with local configuration in a merged file and modifying the parameters, then the parameters in the APS are not uploaded. (TR 9724)
- Change to global all the parameters.
- Change the label and the scale.
- Recongifure fewer parameters.

• The configuration of the 'Local Configuration' radio button is not saved in APS diagrams. (TR 13830)
Set the 'Local Configuration' again.

Diagrams General

• An internal error occurs in diagrams when the visibility is reduced. (TR 16253)
Move the slider of the displayed events slowly.

• Diagrams are not divided by tube correctly. (TR 17018)
Merge files into a single one.

• If means and medians are displayed in a diagram and the user enters in therevision mode of a gate, the means and medians are lost. (TR 831)
Reconfigure means and medians in the diagram.

• It is not possible to drag and drop files onto maturation diagrams. (TR 19914)
Drag and drop onto another window of Infinicyt.

• Sliders in the profile configuration should be displayed in the middle when working with the default profile. (TR 12110)
Modify the slider manually.

• Some changes performed in the scale of the axis configuration do not change properly. (TR 15071)
Exit 'Axes Configuration' and access again

• The context menu of the diagrams is set over the new diagram window. (TR 13971)
Click on another part in order to close the contextmenu.

• The median is not selected when drawinga gate over it. (TR 20618)
Select the median by clicking.

• There are exchanged gates in diagrams whenn using a specific file. (TR 20429)
Close it and open another file with the same paramaeters.

Diagrams Histogram

• In Population Band histograms, the Data Visualization checkbox is not disabled when one of the populations without events is not visible . (TR 12241)
First remove the visibility and second create the diagram, then it is disabled.

Diagrams Maturation

• Unexpected change of visibility in the maturation diagram when adding a maturation stage in a population. (TR 8643)
Show and hide the population again.

• When loading a maturation database by selecting all populations, multiple equal APS diagrams are created. (TR 14998)
Close all redundant APS diagrams.

• When editing a population in the Population Tree, the maturation diagrams are not updated. (TR 11057)
Resize the window of the diagram.

Diagrams Other

• It is not possible to remove the reference image from the context menu of the Box Plot diagram. (TR 8846)
Deselect the "Show reference image in this diagram" check (right-click on the diagram > Local Visibility > Reference Image) not to show any population.

• The Virtual Parameters Configuration option is not displayed in the context menu of the Boxplot diagrams. (TR 8570)
Go to Profile > Configure > Virtual Parameters to configure the parameter.

Diagrams Select Events Gates

• An incorrect gate appearswhen a SD curve is selected in an APS diagram. (TR 15479)
Disable the 'Draw Maturation Pathway' option.

• In PB DP diagrams with merged files, when the events are displayed as means or medians, they are not selected properly. (TR 15177)
Select events by clicking on the mean instead of drawing a gate on the mean.

• Some events are not selected in the APS diagram. (TR 17504)
Do not draw gates in the APS diagram.

• The Events do not disappear when selecting the 'Group population' option. (TR 21330)
Change the visibility of events manually.

• When selecting the SD performed on an event, the event within is not selected. (TR 19377)
- Configure the SD density with the probabilistic method or decrease the SD resolution.
- Select the gate by drawing a gate.

• It is not possible to move gates in diagrams with the 'File Number' parameter when the gate was drawn outside the axes. (TR 21456)
Do not drawgates outside the axes.

Diagrams Window Options

• When changing representation of the parameter in the configuration window, the width of the columns of the parameter configuration window is changed. (TR 11796)
The user can modify manuallythe width of the column.

File Editor

• It is not possible to drag files in the 'File Name' field of the File Editor window. (TR 10289)
Select the folder manually.

File Export

• Infinicyt allows the user to export a file with a PNR parameter higher than the allowed value. (TR 8622)
When changing the Datatype to I, expanding the PnB combo and selecting the desired value (32), the Datatype field is automatically limited.

• When exporting compensable and non-compensable files, events with error are created. (TR 22419)
Save as .fcs file from 'File' > 'Save as Analyzed File' and change the type of file to .fcs.

• When exporting statistics and changing the type of files, the filename extension does not change with .html and .csv formats. (TR 19520)
- Introduce the extension manually.
- Select a type of file, write a name without an extension and export. When exporting the extension is added automatically.

• When having a thousands separator configured the PnR values cannot be modified when exporting a file. (TR 5254)
Delete the thousands separator, modify the value and press Enter keyboard.

• When moving the columns of the export population window, the checkboxdoes not work correctly. (TR 13742)
Move the check column to the left again.

• When saving an .fcs as an analyzed file or opening an .xlsx file and saving it as a .cyt file and then selecting the 'File Export' option, the 'File Export' window appears empty and the diagrams may appear without events. (TR 19661)
Close the Analysis window and open the first file saved.

File merge

• The Parameter Band Histogram disapears when merging files without a file that was added at the beginning. (TR 19509)
Open the Parameter Band Histogram again.

• When adding two files at the same time and merging the files, the user is not informed when the rescaling is performed. (TR 20172)
Add one file and then add the other one from the 'Add/Remove File' option.

• The Time parameter is taken into account when merging files. (TR 22100)
Select the Time parameter as real, to do so:
Click on 'Add/Remove file', then click on 'C' in the Time parameter row (no matter which tube is selected) and finally select 'R' from the drop-down menu.

• In a merge of files, when a common parameter is separated and renamed, and the compensation is cleared, there is no change in the analysis. (TR 22786)
Rename the parameters before merging files.


• The option 'Cluster by Density Curves' does not work. (TR 19737)
Configure the Density from the 'Configure Data Visualization' option of the diagram context menu and then apply the option 'Cluster by Density Curves'.


• When in a file merge process a function is created in a file that will be be removed later, the function should be displayed disabled. (TR 12288)
Modify the function to use the new files and remove the old ones.


• If the configuration window is opened and the user presses Ctrl + D, the new diagram window is displayed. (TR 18407)
Close the new diagram window.

• If thetask bar of Windows is too big it is not possible to see all the windows in low resolution screens. (TR 1758)
Decrease the bar size.

• It is not possible to select the scale configuration of the parameters in a diagram. (TR 20156)
Change the configuration manually.

• Lagging issues detected when opening Infinicyt because it is not connected to the update service. (TR 21124)
Disable the update service through the "update.connect=0" property in the "Infinicyt.ini" file of the installation folder.

• Maturation stages are not shown in the diagram display settings. (TR 17653)
Change the visibility of the 'maturation' population in the Population Tree of the Analysis window.

• Some pop-up windows do not have the option to Cancel the action. (TR 4823)
Click the x-close button.

• Sometimes, when opening Infinicyt after loading a database and modifying the profile, an undesired temporary file is saved. (TR 16621)
Load the profile system.

• The buttons and the x-close button of the Demo version pop-up window are not displayed if the screen resolution is increased while it is being displayed. (TR 11246)
Change the screen resolution before closing de survey window.

• The modal windows do not save the maximized configuration when theyare minimized. (TR 11893)
Maximize the window again.

• When a database is opened again with a previous configuration set, the configuration does not remain saved. (TR 16543)
Enter the desired options again.

• When adding special characters in the name of the parameters, visual defects are added. (TR 4731)
Change the name of the parameters.

• When changing the thousands separator, the diagrams are not updated at that specific moment. (TR 2420)
Resize the window of the diagrams.

• When closing Infinicyt while working with the network user folder, Infinicyt generates errors that prevent you from saving the current profile. (TR 17381)
Define a folder to generate temporary files in the same network location, through the "java.io.tmpdir" property in the "Infinicyt.ini" file of the installation folder.

• When merging large files, a balanced APS is requested, Infinicyt runs out of memory and the checkbox is enabled. (TR 12482)
Disable the checkbox manually.

• When working with large files and the system memory is not enough, the files may not be exported. (TR 18671)
It is necessary to have more free memory .

• When writing a name in the file selector having the mouse cursor on the autocompleted options, the name is automatically completed. (TR 12455)
Place the mouse in another area.

• When configuring the zoom value of a parameter and then trying to configure immediately another parameter, the entered value is not saved. (TR 21625)
Wait until the zoom preview is applied to the diagram in order to correctly save the configured zoom.

• When adding a keyword to a sheet of the report, and moving the scroll bar with the mouse wheel, the tooltip is not updated. (TR 21852)
Move the mouse and see that it is refreshed.

• When opening a .cyt file and then a .fcs file the Check Parameters window is not displayed. (TR 21918)
Modify the profile to be compatible with the file.

• The user cannot open two sessions of Infinicyt at the same time when there is an official database profile loaded. (TR 22374)
Before opening the second session of Infinicyt, change the profile to another one from a non-official database.


• An Internal error occurs when overwriting an .fcs file as .fcs when it is being used. (TR 20726)
Save the .fcs files with another name or in another location.

• Coulter files are not opened in the same way from Analysis module than using drag and drop. (TR 8547)
First, open one dataset and then the second one from "Add/Remove File".

• Coulter files are not saved correctly from Analysis. (TR 11478)
Save the files only from the 'File Editor' option.

• Data are not detected with the correct format in Excel when exporting the statistical table as .csv. (TR 17433)
Modify the format manually from Excel.

• It is not possible to save files in a network drive from 'Batch Analysis'. (TR 21132)
Save the file in a local drive and then move it to a network drive.

• It is not possible to visualize all the extensions in the file selector. (TR 18542)
Move the scroll bar.

• Loss of efficiency when saving files on the network. (TR 18648)
Save files in local and then export them.

• The name of the parameters are incorrect when the 'Use same configuration on similar files' option is selected. (TR 9322)
Modify the name from 'Add/Remove File' option.

• When opening files from the file selector, sometimes they are not opened in the correct order. (TR 13994)
Order the files manually.

• When sending an Internal Error and then closing the program, some temporary files are not deleted. (TR 12171)
Delete them manually.


• If the user tries to uninstall an Infinicyt version that is installed in an external unit, the files are not deleted. (TR 13162)
Delete them manually.

• The Database Installer freezes when closing the warning to cancel the installation in the third step. (TR 15797)
Close the installer using the Windows Task Manager.

• When Infinicyt is opened and the user installs another version overwriting the folder of the previous version, the computer restarts automatically. (TR 12474)
Close Infinicyt before the installation.

Label Scale

• Strange behaviour of labels in the Compass diagram. (TR 14783)
Set again the configuration.

• The Parameter Band diagram resizes if the configuration of the label position is changed and then canceled. (TR 8751)
Resize the diagram manually to its previous size.

Manual Analysis

• Events with error move from the root population if the selection is performed using the shortcut Ctrl + 1. (TR 11860)
Assign with gates.

• If the user clicks on the 'No' button of the warning: 'You have selected events from two or more populations', the gate will remain drawnbut without selected events. (TR 3078)
Undo (Ctrl+Z) and redo (Ctrl+Y) the action.

• In the 'Choose an option' window from where it is possible to open a file in a new window of Infinicyt or in the current one, if the user selects the option 'Do not show this message again', this window will not be opened again. (TR 12887)
Open the files from the Infinicyt icon and not from the file.

• Infinicyt allows the user to open several configuration windows using akeyboard shortcut. (TR 12323)
Open the configuration with the menu option.

• It is possible to open several windows by quickly clicking on the 'Databases' button in Analysis but Infinicyt crashes. (TR 18662)
Close the windows before doing anything else.

• The Load Database window and the AG&I Configuration window open simultaneously. (TR 17755)
Close one window and then open the otherone.

• The multiple file selection does not work correctly in the Analysis window or in the compensation configuration when selecting the files using the 'Shift' key. (TR 7866)
Select files one by one.

• When a population is created while a gate is drawn using the 'Group Population' option, the sub-populations of this new population are not created. (TR 18503)
Create the population before performing the selection of 'Group Population'.

• When opening a .cyt file and cliking on the 'Events' population, the events of this population may not be displayed in front of the others. (TR 1367)
Click on another population with events and then on the 'Events' population.

• When opening a file from 'Open Next File' or 'Open Previous File' (Ctrl + N or Ctrl + P) when a corrupt file is found, Infinicyt does not display the Select File window or does not skip the corrupt file. (TR 12594)
Open the following file of the folder from the 'Open File' window.


• If the user modifies the 'Identify files using' option and hovers over the maturation pathway of a merged file, the name does not refresh. (TR 13734)
Click on the diagram in order to refresh it.

• If the user selects the 'Create Maturation Stages' option of a population and then selects events in all stages except in the last one, deletesthe last stage and enters in the review mode of another stage, the deleted stage is displayed again. (TR 12266)
Delete the stage after the review.

• In normalized maturation diagrams, the representation of dots and medians is not correct when working with different scales. (TR 11224)
Modify the parameters used by the maturation diagram again.

• The line that links the parameter name with the maturation pathway in maturation diagrams is not displayed. (TR 12531)
Resize the diagram to a larger size.

• The maturation pathway changes in the APS diagram when the user modifies the visibility of the populations with events. (TR 11880)
Display the original visibility again, the visibility used when the maturation pathway was drawn.

• The maturation pathway is inverted in APS 2 diagrams when deleting all maturation stages one by one. (TR 12529)
Create visible stages again.

• The 'Unload Gates Review' context menu option does not work in a maturation stage. (TR 11674)
Click on the magnifying glass icon to download the review.

• When a maturation pathway is drawn again and then cancelled, it is drawn anyway. (TR 12281)
Undo the action.

• When deleting the last stage of a maturation and then adding another one, the number of the added stage is not correct. (TR 10879)
Change the name of the stage manually.

• When pressing the Delete key on a maturation stage that was created using the 'Create Maturation Stages' population option, the maturation is unloaded. (TR 11921)
Create the maturation again with the desired number of stages.

• When saving the maturation in a database with non-visible populations, the load of the database may not be performed correctly. (TR 20024)
Save the database with all visible populations.

• When the user creates a maduration pathway manually, by adding another stage from the context menu and selecting the review mode, the last stage disappears. (TR 14142)
Undo the option two times to return to the unassigned gate which is equivalent to the review mode.

• When working with merged files and loading a new maturation database that has just been created, the database is not applied correctly. (TR 13743)
Close Infinicyt and apply again the database to the merged file again.

Negative Visibility

• Negativity configuration loss when removing a tube of a merged file. (TR 10932)
Change the negativity values manually.

Offline Compensation

• Files are not added in the expected order (they are ordered alphabetically for each character) in Offline Compensation. (TR 11160)
Order the files after adding them.

• In Offline Compensation all files can be added without selecting the fluorochrome for all of them, this can cause errors. (TR 11676)
Delete the main screen files that are not going to be used.

• In Offline Compensation, events from a previous file cannot be reassigned to a negative population when there is a negative control file. (TR 11464)
Assign those events to the "Events" population.

• In the Offline Compensation module when restarting the analysis, the events that previously had a gate are highlighted. (TR 13814)
Do not press the 'Restart analysis' button to start over, do it from step 1.

• Negative population selection in the Offline Compensation module does not cause changes in the compensation matrix. (TR 14701)
Perform the compensation without unstained control and assig events in each tube in the positive and negative population.

• The columns are wider than they should even when there is space in the Offline Compensation module. (TR 13879)
Use the scroll bar to see hidden columns.

• The keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + A (Bring All Diagrams to Front), from the main window of Infinicyt does not work properly when working with the Offline Compensation module. (TR 12559)
Bring the windows to the front using Ctrl + A twice when there are diagrams.

• The tooltip is not displayed in the 'File Name' column when hovering over a file in the Offline Compensation module. (TR 8264)
Visualize the full name of the file in the tooltip displayed when hovering over the corresponding file in the file list.

• Undoing the "Close all Diagrams" option does not allow assigning events to populations in the Offline Compensation module. (TR 15070)
Start over from step 1.

Population Tree

• An internal error occurs when dragging multiple populations quickly. (TR 11945)
Wait until the loading bar disappears every time a population is moved.

• The reference image appears twice in the Population Tree when loading it after performing a maturation and assigning events to the population with the reference image. (TR 14007)
Unload the reference image and reload it again.

• When removing any population from the Population Tree that contains comments and then undoing this action, the comments of that population will be lost. (TR 11398)
Retype lost comments.

• When the user changes the size of a statistics column, then goes to Profile > Settings and exits, the modification is lost. (TR 7245)
Save the profile from Profile > Save Profile in Folder to save the column configuration.

Previous Group

• If a previous group is renamed with the same name of another one that is below it , a warning is displayed to inform the user that the name will be deleted, but both are maintained. (TR 8835)
Delete the group manually and then rename the other group.

• In the previous groups window, when all the elements are dragged from a group to another one, the empty group is deleted automatically. (TR 8858)
Create again the deleted group.

• Once there are grouped parameters, it will not be possible to ungroup them when opening other files. (TR 16019)
Delete the previous groups and re-open the files.


• Diagram refresh issues when loading a profile. (TR 19960)
Drag the file again after having dragged the profile.

• It is not possible to deselect pages in the preview of the report from Profile Manager. (TR 18186)
Select another profile in the tree and return to the default profile.

• It is not possible to save the zoom configuration in a profile with Acea Novo files. (TR 13856)
Perform the changes in each file manually.

• The configuration window of the profile is only displayed when pressing Ctrl+G keys in the Analysis module . (TR 3896)
Select the configuration option of the profile context menu.

• The option to deselect the 'Show a message when current changes are not saved' warning does not work. (TR 10007)
Select 'No' in the information window displayed.

• There is a maladjustment in the size of the windows when having a .cyt file opened and loading the same profile. (TR 13907)
Resize manually.

• When two users work at the same time with the same shared user folder, the profile or files used cannot be saved. (TR 10095)
Define different user folders for each user, through the "user.home" property in the "Infinicyt.ini" file of the installation folder.

• The diagrams are displayed empty when loading a profile. (TR 21897)
Save the profile without overwriting the existing one.

• The Undo option does not work correctly when adding populations to the Population Tree. (TR 22211)
Load the initial profile again.

Reference Image

• An internal error occurs if the user deletes the reference population of the Absolute Count and then saves a reference image. (TR 19923)
Change the reference populationa to a valid one available in the Population Tree.

• When loading a reference image, it is not displayed automatically expanded in collapsed populations with subpopulations. (TR 8739)
Expand the populations manually.

• The legend 'NA' is displayed in positivity statistics when merging files with reference images. (TR 22123)
Save the reference image of the files in different profiles, then add it to the merged file profile and apply it to the parameter under study.


• An internal error occurs when modifying the text format of different text lines in report. (TR 18372)
Manually asign style in each line of the text.

• If the report's window is not displayed in its original position and the user closes it and then opens it again, the report's window will not be displayed in the desired place. (TR 11631)
Resize and place the report's window manually.

• It is not possible to add the Positivity from the report's toolbar. (TR 18190)
Add the Positivity optionfrom another option.

• Sometimes the color drop-down panel is not displayed collapsed in the report. (TR 13049)
Close or move the 'Choose a Color' window.

• The data of some tables are not updated in the report. (TR 20781)
Update the tables manually.

• The diagram configuration shortcut Crtl + G does not work in the report. (TR 13972)
Right-click on the diagram and select the 'Component Configuration' option.

• The Keywords are not updated in the report after saving the analyzed file without reopening it. (TR 18876)
Open the saved file.

• The underline of the text is not mantained when another text component is created. (TR 13283)
Select the underline optiononce the text has been written.

• When editing a Keyword in the report, the last option displayed cannot be selected. (TR 16083)
Modify it from the configuration by double-clicking on the keyword.

• When modifying a property previously saved in the report, if the cell maintains the focus, the changes are not saved. (TR 20312)
Lost the focus of the cell.

• When opening a .cyt file and then closing it (without performing changes), the message to save the file is dispalyed. (TR 19046)
Select the 'No' button in the displayed dialog.

• When reducing the size of the report's window, the toolbar loses functionality and the buttons cannot be selected. (TR 16709)
Select the option from the menu.

• When selecting the lower part of the report sheet after performing an AG&I process, text separators are displayed. (TR 18934)
Click on the outer part of the report sheet.

• When tables or text contents are pasted from a text document to the report they are displayed in black. (TR 16105)
Take a screenshot of the text document and add it into Infinicyt.

• When the report's window is too small, the menus and the corresponding options cannot be used. (TR 11652)
Increase the width of the report's window size.

• The zoom does not work correctly when it is applied to some diagrams in the report. (TR 21781)
Create the diagramas in the report, or copy and paste them from the main 'Analysis' window.

• The Change Control option of the report does not work correctly when the alerts of an old analyzed file are updated. (TR 21859)
Use the 'Options' menu displayed above.

• When loading a maturation database, some maturation diagrams of the report are not updated. (TR 22587)
Find all diagrams and configure them manually again.

Report Compass

• The Check Parameters window is always displayed when opening a report that contains a compass diagram. (TR 16457)
Uncheck the 'Show concordance window when using previous groups' checkbox in Profile > Configure > System Options > Messages.

Report Components

• Aligning several components at the same time in the report does not work correctly when the components have different formats. (TR 14846)
Select the components individually and set the alignment.

• The Edit category window of the report's comments is always displayed on the main screen regardless the window from which it was selected. (TR 13957)
Move the dialog manually to the desired window.

• The font color format is not maintained when closing the report. (TR 15762)
Change it manually.

• The keyboard shortcut MAY + TAB to scroll back does not work when working with report tables. (TR 10417)
Click on the previous cell manually.

• The statistical table of the report is not displayed with an homogeneous color when adding rows of a different color. (TR 14699)
Change the color manually.

• When adding populations to the statistical table of the report the color of therows color is not homogeneous. (TR 16260)
Change the color manually.

• When changing the size of a text in the report, sometimes it is not possible to modify it again. (TR 11753)
Exit the report and enter again.

• When copying a component in the report and pasting it without selecting the place, it does not appear. (TR 18230)
Set the focus anywhere on the sheet.

• When loading the default profile and deleting a population from the Population Tree, the ID of the population is displayed with a yellow border in the statistical table of the report. (TR 17012)
Double-click on the statistical table of the report and accept to update it.

• When pasting a text component with ID, the pasted component does not have ID. (TR 9670)
Configure again the ID of the text component.

• When performing a screenshoot and pasting it to the report, the image has low resolution. (TR 14358)
After saving the screenshoot in .png format, add it as an image component to the report.

• When the 'Use Population Tree Color' checkbox is selected, the statistical table of the report displays different results if the statistics are separated by file. (TR 14994)
Change the color manually.

• When working with the report and cutting a Maturation Info component, then it is not possible to undo the action correctly. (TR 15055)
Delete the component and create it again.

Report Diagrams

• It is not possible to configure the density of the histograms from the component configuration in the report. (TR 10418)
Create a new Histogram with the desired configuration.

• The settings of the diagram configuration window are not saved when changing the diagram in the report. (TR 10820)
Configure the diagram againas desired.

• The behaviour of the diagrams in the report is not the expected one when there are selected events. (TR 21792)
Copy the diagram as desired.

Report Image

• When adding an image component with an invalid format to the report, a text component is created with the 'Imagen not found' message. (TR 11209)
Remove the component manually.

Report Keyword

• If the user places the mouse cursor at the beginning of a kayword and then presses the Del key, only one character is deleted. (TR 20522)
Select all the keyword and remove it.

• When adding keywords in the header or the footer from de keyword's window and cancelling the action, they remain in the report. (TR 15749)
Remove it manually.

• When an analyzed file is updated, the 'AG&I version' keyword is not displayed in the report. (TR 22268)
Add the keyword to the report manually.

Report Keyword Comment

• When adding keyword comments in the footer of the report, the action cannot be undone. (TR 15747)
Remove it manually.

• When dragging several keyword comments they do not remain in the same order they had. (TR 10214)
Select those comments and order them.

• When modifying the internal nested comment, the external comment is no longer a comment. (TR 13491)
Delete and enter again the comment with the new internal comment.

• When moving a keyword comment to the last possition it is added to the next category. (TR 10215)
Drag the comment and drop it to the penultimate possition, and drag the last comment to drop it to the penultimate possition.

• When removing keyword comments from System Options, the report is not updated with those changes. (TR 15848)
Create/modify a new keyword comment in the report inorder to update the information.

• Some keyword comments are not automatically removed from the report when deleting a category. (TR 22608)
Delete the keyword comments in the report.

Report Maturation

• You can uncheck the checkbox of all tubes in the 'Maduration Info' configuration in the report leaving a residual component. (TR 10790)
Remove the residual component and create a new one.

Report Sheet

• Sometimes the focus of the report sheets is lost and all buttons to add components remain disabled. (TR 15574)
Click on the sheet to returnthe focus.

• The report is not updated when selecting another application while it is loading and it is displayed in the background. (TR 11411)
Click on the report.

Report Sheet Header-Footer

• The header and the footer display a different font format in the report sheets. (TR 16091)
Modify the different format.

• When adding contents to the header or the footer and then deleting all sheets, those contents are not deleted. (TR 9253)
Remove the header or the footer contents manually.

• When the action of adding a keyword to the header of the report is cancelled, it is added anyway. (TR 15069)
Delete it manually.

Report Statictics

• The name is not saved correctly in the statistical configuration of the report. (TR 11734)
Modify the name manually.

• When changing a population in the statistical table of the report, the color of the label is not updated. (TR 13681)
Change the color manually.

Report Table

• If the user selects a cell of the report's table and then increases the size of the table, it is not possible to write in that cell. (TR 13961)
Select againthe cell after moving.

• It is not possible to paste text from Excel to a table of the report. (TR 11445)
Select the cell by double-clicking and paste the text.

• When copying tables from a report to another one, they are not updated. (TR 15079)
Create the desired table again.

• An internal error occurs when the user is working with the report, adds text in a cell and performs another action having the mouse cursor still in the cell. (TR 21645)
Finish writing, and then do the actions on the cell.

Report Text

• If the contents of a text component occupymore than a line, it is not possible to select both by double-clicking . (TR 8993)
Select it manually by dragging with the mouse cursor or by clicking on another part and then clicking there again.

• If there is a table in the report and the user creates a new text component, the format of the last modification performed in a cell will be used. (TR 9023)
Change the format of the new component manually.

• In text fields of the report, the height of the text entered does not change when modifying the font size of only a specific part of the text. (TR 11427)
Select all the text to resize it.

• It is not possible to paste text from the report to a text documentof a remote desktop. (TR 20735)
Follow an intermediate step: copy / paste the desired text into an other software on the computer and from there copy / paste it to the text document of the remote desktop.

• The background color of the last selected component is not maintained in another text component. (TR 9833)
Change the background color manually.

• When copying text from another application and pasting it to the report, there are extra whitespaces between the words. (TR 11448)
Remove whitespaces after pasting the text.


• After performing an AG&I process, drawing a gate, entering in the review mode and undoing the option, the gate disappears. (TR 3633)
Redo the gate.

• If 'Analysis' window is maximized and the user selects the review mode of a population, the diagram where the gate was drawn is not brought to front. (TR 3632)
Press Ctrl+A keys.

• The revision of the last assigned check population (assigned before the compass diagram is displayed in ALOT) takes longer than expected to load. (TR 20398)
Assign events using gates and visibilities instead of the review.

• When the user modifies the negativity and then enters in the review mode of a population, the negativity is lost. (TR 12215)
Set again the negativity again manually.

• An internal error occurs when undoing the action of adding maturation stages in review mode. (TR 18511)
Create the maturation stages out of the review mode.


• Create a statistic does not have disabled tubes if apopulation is not selected. (TR 12300)
Do not select by tube if the 'Select Population' check is not selected.

• Events with error generate a percentage of visibilty wrong. (TR 20157)
- The parent population or the population inherited from the error events must be invisible.
- Select the events with error by drawing a gate without choosing events, reverse the gate selection and select those events with error.
- Create a function to

• Parent populations do not display the %partial correctly. (TR 20458)
Use %parcial with parent populations.

• The parent populations in the Check populations do not show their % Total (TR 19929)
Create a function related to the parent population you want to know the %Total.

• The statistics are incorrect if the file contains error events. (TR 17409)
Export the file without the error events in order to have correct statistics.

• The statistics window is not correctly displayed if the user reduces the size ofit. (TR 4107)
Do not reduce the size of thewindow.


• Tile option does not adjust the size of Parameter Band diagrams. (TR 13868)
Adjust the size manually.


• In the Zoom configuration window of the diagram, the spinner to decrease the Min. value of the range does not work when the value is 0.01 times lower than the Max. value. (TR 8571)
Write the value manually.

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